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The Coco and Penny comedy team stars a real life mother and daughter who have put their talents together to keep the laughs coming. Coco, the mother, plays the comedy role, while, Penny, the daughter, plays the straight-man.

In addition to performing throughout the national comedy club circuit and having appeared on numerous television and radio shows; Coco and Penny are always happy to lend a hand and serve as comedy entertainers in their mission to make the world laugh. They have performed at many benefits, special events, festivals, and conventions.


(Partial Listing)

American Cancer Society Comedy Benefit-Boston, MA

"Thank you for helping to make our benefit a success."-Annette Pollack, Show Coordinator

American Comedy Convention‚Special Comedienneís Showcase-Riviera Hotel;

Las Vegas

Chai Lifeline - Camp Simcha ‚Upstate New York

"Thank you for your performance. Needless to say, our guests were unanimous in their praise of your rendition. We genuinely appreciate both your talent and your kindness."-Phyllis Roth, Special Events Coordinator

Coalition for the Homeless Variety Shows w/Rich Brown-New York City

Comedy Convention at Riviera Hotel -Special Comedienneís Showcase-Las Vegas

Comedy Stop at the Trop Comedy Contest Event; Finalist-Atlantic City

Dome Village (organization for the homeless)-Mistresses of Ceremonies for Thanksgiving Day Entertainment Event-downtown Los Angeles

Epilepsy Foundation Benefit-Garden City, NY

Foundation for the Creative Community-New York City

"Itís intriguing to note how your separately individualistic personalities blend into a working act. In addition to talent there must surely be a lot of love that serves as the "glue." As for the audience reaction...well, you were there and experienced their pleasure. I can find no words of thanks to equal."-Florence Sloan, Executive Director

Juvenile Hall Comedy Show-Sylmar, CA

Kutz Home Comedy Show Benefit-Newark, DE

Manhattan Association of Cabarets, 1993 MAC Nominee for best comedy duo

Montreal Comedy Festival ‚ Montreal, Canada

Motion Picture Mothers-Los Angeles, CA

"Thank you very much for entertaining at our luncheon. All of us thoroughly enjoyed it. You both so obviously have such fun doing what you do and this comes through to the audience. You certainly tickled our funny bones!!"-Martha J. Selleck, President

Seaford Inn Talent Contest, First Place Winners, Long Island, NY

United Cerebral Palsy Comedy Show @ UCP Bayview, NY

VFW Christmas Variety Shows at various VFW Hospitals throughout metropolitan area

"The entertainment you put on is just fantastic and our Veterans really enjoy it."-Commander Charles Reidlinger of Post 4987 Bethpage, NY