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Coco and Penny are the world’s only mother and daughter comedy team who have amused millions by appearing on such television shows as David Letterman, MTV, Joan Lunden Show, Ricki Lake, and countless other radio and television programs around the country. One newspaper article stated "What the Judds did to country music—Coco and Penny have done to comedy."

They’ve been called the "Judds of Comedy!" This duo gets along great off-stage but it’s no holds barred once the lights go up.

"We could never tell jokes about each other on stage if we didn’t get along so well," says Penny, who began her career in musical comedy. "We’re not just mother and daughter, but very good friends," says Coco, who has a long career as a character actress.

They have been stirring up the laughs at some of the best comedy clubs in the country including: The Comedy Store in LA, The Ice House in Pasadena; The Comedy Stop at the Trop in Atlantic City, Dangerfield’s, Caroline’s, The New York Comedy Club, as well as performing throughout the national comedy club circuit including some of the most notable hotels and resorts.

Coco, affectionately referred to by her partner as "Mom" is an accomplished actress and has appeared in many off-Broadway and regional theater productions. She has also appeared in a number of films, TV shows including Law & Order and a music video for Japan and several specials for cable.

Daughter, Penny, started her professional career in the New York City Opera Children’s Chorus. Since then she has appeared in regional theater, summer stock, and with the Village Light Opera. She has also created and starred in many children’s theater productions.

Coco and Penny’s collaboration actually started as an accident. Penny had written, produced and directed an off-off Broadway musical revue titled, "Bowery to Broadway" and needed to fill a character role. Mom happily volunteered to fill the role and daughter cast her on the spot. After the show had closed they decided that they had so enjoyed working together that they would hit the road as a twosome. The act began as a cabaret show but it soon evolved into a standup comedy routine.

Based out of the classic comedy team style, Penny, plays straight man, to Coco’s wacky and zany comedic persona. This characterization fits as Coco was always an unconventional mother. In their act, Coco is always embarrassing Penny and flirting with the guys, while Penny tries to keep her mother in line and out of trouble.

Because Coco and Penny’s act is so character-driven many people and industry have commented that their act SCREAMS SITCOM! So this comedy duo’s latest project is a sitcom pilot titled, She’s With Me. Coco and Penny star together in this role-reversal half-hour sitcom based on the real-life relationship of this one-of-kind show-biz team.

Coco & Penny are making waves – in the world of comedy and most importantly in the relationships of Mothers and Daughters everywhere!